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Inspiration, Design, Creation

Our vision is to understand precisely what a homeowner wants his or her home to look like, and then to provide unique, one-on-one service to make that dream a reality.

Quality is our biggest concern, and we want each area we work on to look perfect. We treat each individual home as if it is our own. We take extra care from the beginning of the project to the very end.

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Tiled wall in a bathroom
Staircase and living space tiled flooring


In the inspiration process, we go in to the home and speak to the customer to get a feel of what it is he or she is looking for.

We get measurements and ask if there are pictures of certain jobs the customer has seen, or certain colors, shapes and sizes of tiles they prefer. We also find out what each room will be used for, so that our final design best fits the needs of the room.

The next step is to put together a few unique designs, and present to the customer before moving on to the design phase.

Vertical tile backsplash in a customer's kitchen


During the design process, we work closely with the customer, the designer and one of our layout advisors to break down what the customer wants and needs.

Then we gather different materials for the customer to choose from. Once the customer decides on a final plan, we order the materials and set a date to begin the project.

Unique stone detail on a dining room wall


As the creation process begins, we involve the customer in every step. This allows the customer to make changes as we go, since seeing the live application of their project sometimes inspires new and interesting design ideas.

Without a doubt, this is our favorite part of the entire process. This is where we bring the vision to fruition. Our customers always feel that this is the most exciting phase of the project!

Looking down a staircase with custom wood look tile
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